Why Make a Baseball Cap?

Ever stop and wonder why baseball players wear a cap? The standard first reaction to such a query is to state "To protect their eyes in sunlight," that is plausible, but Soccer players, Rugby players and not all Cricket players wear Custom Mesh Hats and their game is played outdoors in sunlight.

Maybe we ought to delve into the question a bit deeper, merely to satisfy our curiosity. The 1849 that the New York Knickerbockers are credited with being the first baseball team to incorporate a hat as part of their uniform. Since the cap was actually a level brimmed straw hat, the clear purpose for the hat was supposed to come in line with style at that moment, was the start of a long and storied history of the baseball cap. Except for pre-game publicity stunts or post game interviews, the wearing of these straw hats was immediately abandoned by the players for the clear reason the hat would not remain on the players' head since they raced and turned into a distraction and an annoyance.

Not to be outdone by their cross town rivals, the 1860 that the Brooklyn Excelesors introduced the very first baseball cap into the uniform that preserved, however its similarity to its modern day counterpart isn't readily observable. The cap was a floppy hat with a rather small brim that was meant to color the eyes from glare, failing miserably because of its lack of size, but in fact the cap, though limited on account of the shortage of technologies and synthetic substances, has been an innovative design with a planned purpose apart from style. The Custom Mesh Hats were designed with the purpose of keeping the sweat out of a player's eyes, which the original wool cloth did actually absorb, the perspiration and the brim, although very short by today's standard, did help somewhat color the eyes.