Which are the top most Wordpress plugin and why?

Wordpress pluginis the reasons behind the wide popularity that Wordpress enjoys among the other contain management softwares. Not to mention it easily useable and accessibility is adding up to it of course. Wordpress plugins have given a whole to dimension to lots of websites and blogs. Itgives the freedom to choose from vast options of plugins and makes your site 100% customable.

The best Wordpress plugin are as follows Wordpress has plugins up to 49,349 however there most used, and the best ones that help enhance your site are as follows. • Optinmonster - this Wordpress plugin gives you option of conversion your visiter into a subscriber. You can further provide them with newsletters, details of ongoing offers, etc. • Yoast SEO - it helpsto optimiseyour site for the search engines. • Envira Gallery - you and create galleries in Wordpress, but this plugin helps you create a much more sophisticated beautiful and responsive gallery. • Buffer - the easiest way to keep everyone engaged in your site is to post updates. A buffer plugin helps to plan and schedule your post for the whole day. • Monster insights - The also among the best Word press plugin it helps you to track the visitors of your site letting you know where they come from and what they do on your site.Hence giving you an opportunity to modify and maintain it accordingly for the optimum outcome. These are among the top Wordpress plugin. However, there are more while many it very versatile and obvious options among other content management systems. How to use Word press plugin? Wordpress is written in PHP. However, it is the easiest to use website developer software. And help you choose the best Wordpress plugin, themes, etc. to create and customize your site buy giving you step by step guidance and options to work accordingly.