When and what should you avoid in a pregnancy massage

An Antenatal Massage is known to reduce stress and any general body pain that a pregnant woman might be facing. Several to be moms these days prefer going in for such therapies. However, there are certain conditions when you need to avoid such massages – If you doctor or midwife have told you not to go for a massage is a strict no-no.
 • The first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy does have a certain amount of risk involved. The first 12 weeks of gestation could lead to miscarriage for some. Owing to this some Pregnancy care centers do not undertake massages within the first trimester.
• A massage is also not suggested if you have had premature labor previously or your pregnancy is in the high risk category.
• Prenatal Massage is also not recommended if you have pregnancy induced high blood pressure or Hypertension.
• In case you have any retention of fluid, sudden swelling or pre-eclampsia. Also if you have severe headaches, then it is not suggested.
• Some women might not like the massage. It might make them feel sick or lightheaded. Some might just not like the experience. It is a personal experience. Some might like it and some might not. Some are quite touchy and feel that a massage is an intrusion of their privacy. It’s best to avoid in such circumstances.
• Sometimes, if you feel that your therapist is too vigorous, do not feel shy, you have to tell them. You can always ask them to be gentler. Each one requires varying degrees of pressure. It is up to you to be open about it. You need to create a relationship with your therapist. It needs to work for both of you.
• If at all you do go for a massage you should make sure that certain pressure points are avoided. Any points near the ankle are not advised as this might lead to the contraction of the uterus and pelvic muscles. click here for more information Post partum massage blog review