What can be the Alternatives to AA

Today, almost all of you have heard about the AA therapy or the Alcoholics Anonymous program that people use to get rid of their addictions. This approach has become so popular that every person is trying to overcome their addiction turns towards this therapy. The AA or the 12 steps has saved a lot of people from severe situations of addiction, but it has not been successful in all of the cases. There are people looking for some alternatives to AA which are more convincing and practical in their approach. Here we will be discussing about the other conventional ways rather than the 12 step which are equally effective.

What can be the alternatives to AA? Various alternatives of the Alcoholics Anonymous have been evolved overtime and have helped the people looking for a different way of recovery. If you too are one of them then here are the best alternatives to AA for you: • Women for Sobriety- this program was made by a woman with an approach to bolster the sense of self-value in other women. The members are encouraged to manage their issues in a better way. • Secular Organizations for Sobriety- the SOS approach was founded by a serious drinker who was very uncomfortable with the approach of AA. Though it has no structured program, it has guidelines for sobriety.
• Celebrate Recovery- it has eight recovery principles which are based on the biblical beatitudes, each one is based on the approach of personal recovery. • LifeRing Secular Recovery- this theory works on three fundamental principles of self-help, secularity, and sobriety. This method focuses more on the human efforts rather than the divine intervention. It is more scientific and practical approach. These four alternatives to AA are most adopted and used by those people who do not find any support with the AA therapy. You can get more information about these groups on the internet and can join them in their online sittings as well.