Vastu Products: Tips to Buying New Home According Vastu

If you are planning to buy a new house, then you must know the right tips according to vastu. Placing vastu products in your house is very important but having the right position of the households, the rooms are also important. Here are some facts that you must know according to for good health. Sunlight and air: Your house should get the maximum sunlight and air. The sun ray refers to good health and brings wealth into the house. Your house must have east or north facing windows to enter the sunlight. West and south facing windows are not advisable. The south and west facing windows must be small in size for cross ventilation. The position of the rooms: Other than crystal healing you must know the proper room position too. The house must be in an east facing, and the rooms positions are as listed below. 1. Kitchen: the kitchen should not be in front of the main door. The south-east direction is the best for a kitchen. The cooking must be done by facing east. 2. Bedroom: the bedroom in your house must be in the south-west corner. This position let the positive energy to come. Make sure to sleep by placing your head in the south direction. 3. Washroom: the washroom of your house must be located in the south-west or south-east corner. Remember the kitchen room and the washroom shouldn’t be positioned besides each other. That can reflect your health and wealth. 4. Children’s room: the room of your children must be in north-east or north-west section for good prosperity. Water tank position: The water tank or water storage of your house must be at the north-east corner. The morning rays help the water to purify as well as the vastu also allows this position. Vastu products: The vastu remedies you can place some holy vastu products in your living room such as swastika symbol or holy water etc.