Things you should know before installing sash windows

In London, most of the houses have white colour sash windows. In Asia and Europe house mainly have sliding windows or wooden case windows.The reason is that first of these windows are the tradition of US. Most of the Victorian buildings are seen with these windows. This type of window not only allows a lot of sunlight and fresh air but also gives a different dignity to the house.

Unlike full glass windows, they can be repainted from time to time. The muntin or the wooden panel in between the glasses comes in various glazed options. These types of thewindoware quite versatile and are perfect for large drawing rooms and bedrooms. It is advised that the white ones are the best to install. Types of windows There are various types of windows available today. Following are the types: • Arched window or the traditional ones used in Asian countries. • Awning window for bathrooms and kitchens. • Casements. • Double Hung or Sash window. • Bay window. • Hopper • Egress • Garden • Glass Block • Picture • Jalousie • Round • Sliding windows • Skylight windows • Transform • Storm

• Single hung windows In London mostly the Double Hung’s are installed in thebuilding because of its looks and the traditional factor. What type of wood is used in manufacturing Sash windows? The hard refined woods are mostly preferred to use in windows and doors as they are the guard of a house. Following are the name of certain woods that are used in double hung windows: • Siberian Larch • Sapele • Red Grandis • Accoya • European Oak It is a completely personal choice which wood you would prefer for you sash windowsLondon. The above-listed woods are the most refined and hardwoods that are used for all types of doors and windows structure.