The wonderful invention that revolutionized medical treatments, the hyperbaric chamber!

Today, traditional medicine is dependant on curing diseases and their sequelae with a wide variety of supplements, injections, and creams, which in most cases have got momentary effects or are not effective in their whole; bringing as a result, the investing of money and also the persistence with the symptoms inside the patient.

There exists a technique which has been applied for a long time in patients with different circumstances, who have achieved their total improvement in a short time and with minimum side effects. It's about hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which is utilized for hospitals and healthcare facilities. This method includes supplying pure oxygen to a individual, in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, with an atmospheric strain that varies according to every condition. The particular pressures vary from 1.Four to six.0 settings, in a closed environment and with special problems. Its effects are very advantageous in the suffering from diabetes foot, intoxications by inhalation of smoke or carbon monoxide, infections, bone lesions on the skin, gas emboli, grafts and also severe burns, among others.

The particular hyperbaric chamber is designed using a transparent materials, so that the patient has experience of the medical staff, in spite of being a completely hermetic surroundings, its number of models conforms to all needs. There are the monoplace, such as the Hybrid 3200 and 1000, addressed towards the attention of merely one person and also the multiplace 6000, 7200 SL and also DL and 8400 DL, structured for organizations. There is also a design that is used having a mask or perhaps hood. Look at the website, you're going to get the best information regarding the hbot cameras. Here we show all the encounter offered by the actual Tekna brand, which is experts, for longer than 100 years, within the manufacture of equipment for oxygen therapy. They will take pains to provide the advisory support, regarding room where the digital camera will be put in, training the c's of technicians, maintenance, as well as installation along with a guide, in than One hundred and five languages, for your tests with the fire main.