Social wifi: new revolution in the ether of the internet and communication

wifi marketing is somehow now becomes a common fashion in a market. A company provides free wifi on the streets and every hook and corners. Thus while accessing these free wifi sites, people are often encountered with new offers, which are very attractive and at times misleading. Social wifi hotspot has somehow now gained popularity as people are getting free high-speed wifi at social spots. This encourages people to rather visit these spots than charge their mobile with the suitable net pack.

Restaurant wifi is now in a very common trend. People rather like to visit a nearby restaurant and eat something than stand over any corner of street if they are supposed to wait for somebody. Therefore it’s becoming a trending fashion among a varied population to visit a restaurant and have a cup of tea instead. Thus the restaurant faculty cleverly came out with a plan to provide free wifi. This helped them to both attract customer and the internet fees are often paid by the commercial advertisement displayed over the pages.
Social hotspot again is a very clever attempt made by the companies. They have created special spots outside famous malls with attract audience to gather at that point. Thus people get lured by the bait and instead make shopping in that place. Moreover, in few cases the company does this to create goodwill among its customers and people to acknowledge the company’s investment in some social benefits. Therefore, it’s often advised to make the best use of the opportunity that is provided by the company. Social media wifi is gaining a whole lot of popularity in the recent days as people are mostly mingled with the social activity. Therefore, these wifi spots allow them to access these social web servers and ultimately benefits both the users and the company.