Popularletovanjegrcka destinations to visit

Holidaying in Greece has been a dream for most people because of the splendid beaches and rich cultural history which attract thousands of visitors from all over the world for letovanje (holidays). Even if you have already visited the place, you will always crave to come back here to experience it again. If you think that Greece is only a summer holiday destination you are totally wrong because the remnants of the ancient civilization can be found all over Greek territory which is also major tourist attractions to visit.

Some of the most famous historical Greek letovanje destinations Greece has always been known for his rich cultural history. Some of the top destinations for letovanjegrcka are as follows:

1. Athens - probably the most popular Greek city which originated during the fifth century BC. This very rich and powerful city demonstrated their wealth by building the Parthenon, one of the most popular Temple dedicated to the worship of Greek gods. This Temple has thousands of visitors every year.

2. AncientOlympia - this is the place where the Olympic Games originated and people from different cities all over Greece used to participate in this tournament. This is even followed today as the Olympic where at least from all over the world come to compete. Some of the highly recommended Greek Corey destinations to visit during winter The Greek mainland is by no means a dull place for vacation, and it has some breath-taking landscapes to amaze you.

Zagoria is a group of small villages which are connected with stone bridges and twisted roads. It is the perfect place for trekking and also for those who love serene landscapes. This area has high mountains and is rich in flora. The best part is that every building here is made up of stones in a stylish manner letovanje 2017.