Polygraph Test Will Not Be Meant For Amusement

Now, you will find lots of television and radio shows which depict polygraphs as a fun, novelty that is amusing.

I see polygraphs being depicted as omnipotent and similar to stargazing, in a position to inform the future. As a polygraph examiner, poligrafo.com.es is compelled to dispel the myths enclosing the existing circus-like aura of the polygraph programs. One show asked questions of the man being "analyzed" such as "If my daughter gained 200 pounds, can you still love her" and "Do you consider yourself to be a good husband" and my personal favorite "Have you ever even thought about cheating on me?"

 Together with the popularity of the kinds of programs, coupled with all the entertainment industry's well-documented penchant for producers duplicating the work of each other, we expect to see more shows like these cropping up in time for another evaluations war. Now, amusement is entertainment and real life is real life. What's being depicted in the media is unlike what really happens in modern, professional polygraph evaluations, completely. For example: Polygraphs don't test an individual's hopes, wishes or want. ("Do you wish your wife would drop dead?") Polygraphs don't test acts which might or might not happen in the future ("If my daughter gains 200 pounds will you still love her") Polygraphs aren't meant to test views ("Do you consider yourself to be a good husband?")