In Big Foot Tools we have the peashooter tool for sale that adapts to the needs of our customers

For almost 30 years, we started to design the pea shooter tool sale and all the accessories that are required for the carpentry work to be finished with excellent finishes. Robert Hutchings started this way, when he adapted to his 7-1 / 4 "saw a blade that would allow him to have more field of action. With this modification, he was able to cut 4 x 4s from a single cut, allowing him to finish the job faster.

From there, began the work of design and peashooter tool for sale, with great success worldwide. We are the only manufacturers of this type of utensils in the United States and as of 2016, we also sent the Big Be 10-1 / 4 "Worm Drive Beam Saws. This 10-inch saw has the ability to cut thick beams, 4x4 poles, porches, 4x headers, double 2x sandwich head and, as if that were not enough, up to 7 ½ "wooden plates each and everything with a just cut. Among our wonderful design tools, we sell pea shooters, head cutters, saws and kits with accessories to turn them into powerful tools that can help customers in their jobs. Our peashooter nail driver provides a great utility to the user in their carpentry work, as it is a hammer that can penetrate places of difficult access, where normal tools do not arrive. It is also very useful for high places, since its accessories reach anywhere, without the need to use a ladder; this saves a lot of time for the person and allows the work to be completed more quickly. It is available in two sizes, 24 "and 36". In addition, it has a very comfortable handle that is lined in zinc, which does not allow the tool to oxidize and around end to avoid accumulating fungi. For more information on our variety of tools, visit the website