How will you use the TubeNinja to download your favourite videos and audios?

How to download the videos or audios? Using the TubeNinja,you can be able to download, save or share any type of video or audio easily and quickly. Once you download and save the file, then you can watch or listen the same at anytime from anywhere. Now the question is what you have to do? If you have a good internet connection, then you will go through the best website and then choose your favourite videos or audios.

After that, you will download your selected video or audio and then save the same in the hard disk of your computer or any other drive like pen drive or CD. If you want just to watch or listen to the same for only one time, then you may not save the same. How will you use the TubeNinja? You will use the TubeNinja for downloading and saving a video or audio file. For doing this, you have to do the followings: • DL-trick – This performs on almost all sites. However, you will surely check the download instructions page to notice the list of supported ones • Copy & paste the video or audio link – You can do it easily – just copy of the link to the audio or video and after that open the TubeNinja and lastly paste your copied item. • Bookmarklet – The essence of this item is that it is fast and performs from most of the sites on the web. Just dragging the Ninja it button from top corner menu to the bookmarks bar you can install it without any hassle. Then you can be able to save the video or audio that you are watching or listening offline for further watching or listening.
Popular supported sites of it TubeNinja supports more than five hundred variety of streaming sites. Most of them perform without any additional effort. Hence during downloading any online video or audio file you must try to paste the line to TubeNinja and monitor whether it can help you or not.