How to make Pot Brownie in few steps

Pot Brownie is a delicious cake, which is vegetarian and non-vegetarian also. Pot Brownie is making in an oven and without oven also. Generally, it makes in an oven, but in this content, we explain How to make Pot Brownie without an oven. We must have to take some ingredient: -white egg and brown Egg, Butter, Sugar power, Maida, Baking Soda little amount of salt, Cocoa power, Walnut& Nut, Vanilla Essence, Pan and some vessels. There are a lot of varieties of Pot Brownie popular in delicious Brownie like Eggless Chocolate, Brownie without oven, chocolate walnut Brownie, Weed Brownies, Microwave Pot Brownie, Cannabutter&Pot Brownie, Chocolate Walnut Brownie, etc.

Ingredient for Pot Brownie: - • 300 gram Maida • 3 tea spoon Baking Soda • ½ tea spoon salt • 300-gram Butter • 6 Egg • ½ teaspoon vanilla essence • ½ cup walnut & Nut
Recipe for Cook Pot Brownie Here we learn how to make pot brownies, first of we have to take 300 gram Maida, 3 teaspoon Baking soda, ½ tea spoon salt, 3 teaspoon cocoa powder, mix these ingredients well and kept in an open pot for few minutes. After that we take 300-gram butter, 300-gram Sugar power, and blend it than we take 6 Egg, ½ teaspoon Vanilla essence mix it well with Maida mixture now half cup of walnut mix with the whole mixture. Now take a pan and kept it on the flame of domestic gas and wait till required heat of the pan. After that 300 gram of butter kept into the hot pan, then put off all mixture into it, and left it on heat for 30 minutes after 30 minutes we have to cut Pot Brownie into 12 equal pieces and serve it. Hope these tips help you all how to make Pot Brownie in better way or marvelous.