How much is the net worth of MJ now

Michael Jordan is a former American basketball player, now also an active businessman and he owns majority of Charlotte Bobcats. His estimated net worth is $1.31 billion by July 2017, as per report. He was the wonder boy of Chicago bulls who earned $93 million salary during his career. His most of fortunes are coming from endorsement deals with biggest sponsors like Nike. In 2010 he increased his stake to 80% in NBA Charlotte Bobcats. There is no argument in that Michael Jordon was on the best basket player of his times and also the most entrepreneurial sport start from his days.

In the history of sports, Michael Jordan was one among the great athlete. Since 31 years he was a part of Chicago Bulls since 1984, he build a huge amount of incomes. His incomes most part does not come from only basketball court. Before Jordan started his game with Bulls, great brand Nike has offered him a contract of $500,000 every year along royalties. During his player career mostly was with Bulls only, Jordan did not made any ton money. During 1992-93, he had a salary of $4000,000 and 93-94 season. During 93-94, he got retired from Bulls and played nothing. However, during that time, Jordon has won four of his NBA Championships from Chicago.
Before 96-97 his salary from NBA has touched roof top and started earning a net worth of $3,850,000. By 97-98 his salary has reached to $33,140,000 during the final season match of Chicago campaign where Jordan and Bulls won two championships with a total of six overall. In 1999, Jordon left Bulls and started making money through endorsements. 2001-02 he then signed Washington Wizards and 2003 he retired. After staying out of public eyes he came back by buying major stake of Charlotte Bobcats.