Don’t Let Anyone else hack a Facebook Account you own

Introduction Hacking is a very common term used nowadays in this new online era. You should have the full information about hacking social sites for instance, how tohack a Facebook account to save yourself from any trouble.

What is the meaning of “hack Facebook Account”? The word ‘Hacked’ means that some other person can access your account by using FTP ‘File Transfer Protocol’. When the hacker gets access to your account, they can even enter their own code into your account. The code that they insert may or may not be for a good purpose, which solely depends upon the objective of the hacker. They can even introduce virus on your computer and use your profile pirater un compte facebook (to hack a Facebook account) of other people and even websites.
How to prevent your Facebook Account from getting hacked? • Avoid clicking on the link that seems doubtful even if you get it from your friend and always make sure that you report the person from whom you are getting suspicious links. • If you are suspicious about some applications there, do not download it. Confirm the safety of the app from some other friend before downloading. • Do not try to open the friend request notifications from unknown people. • Check the desired settings so that your account is secured. • Do not login your Facebook account from any other person’s mobile or laptop, even if you have emergency situations where you may need to login from hotels or from a friend’s cell phone always make sure you use one time passwords ‘OTP’. To get your OTP, you need to send message ‘OTP’ to 32665. • Always use unique passwords consisting of upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and characters as well. • Always make sure that your antivirus is updated and scan your computer or mobile phones once in a week. If you follow the above mentioned tips, you allow no one to hack a Facebook account that you own.