Because we've the best technological innovation our hyperbaric compartments are the the majority of used in the world

What makes Tekna the very best manufacturer involving Hyperbaric Chambers? We have been a complete internal manufacturer, our capabilities depend on having the finest technology, we've specialized sectors in Quality Control redundant within the details, 3 dimensional CAD / CAM And FEA Design Department, Routine level design and style and PCB manufacturing, Division automotive top quality paint, tailor made finishes, style and output of rubber stamps, Medical Design Department, Prototypes and website among others, and all sorts of at the disposal of each of our customers, and also committed to offering our services as best as simple to satisfy your requires.

At Tekna were experts, we've more than a millennium studying and also researching along with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, that is why we understand it and still have managed to make a wide range of items among which our fabulous Hyperbaric Chambers depend. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy has become a necessary instrument in health care and artistic treatments. This phenomenal HBOT or hyperbaric oxygen therapy will be characterized by supplying 100% oxygen to the person's lung program, generating physical and bodily effects, bettering some diseases and artistic procedures. The cameras along with other products have been carefully built to provide comfort and safety to the patient in each oxygen therapy. If you would like acquire some individuals cameras, we provide you our various kinds of Hyperbaric Chambers, single-patient, as well, available in 2 models, suitable for small treatment centers or beauty centers, the actual hyperbaric chamber Multiplace, for several patients at the same time, within 7 models, among which the Mobiles count and the Vet Hyperbaric Chamber, for small pets or even large creatures such as race horses. Each chamber pressurized with 100% oxygen, along with systems to the head, hides, or as required. We can help to make custom requests. The Tekna Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber as well as other products is seen and bought through each of our website We are just a click away to provide you our services and more, the experts are usually waiting for you!